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Strategic Default: One of Four Nevada Foreclosures

Nearly one out of four foreclosures in Nevada involve home owners just walking away from their homes.  This is when the home owner makes a financial decision to walk away and is also known as strategic default.There are numerous government … Continue reading

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MERS Issues Statement About Customer Rights

MERS, The Mortgage Electronic Registration System issued a statement in response to a statement of enforcement from the Attorney General of the District of Columbia. Apparently MERS hadn’t been completely responsive to the borrowers needs and the AG took action. … Continue reading

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AreShort Sale Investors Being set-up by the Banks

Ron Ballard, the California Short Sale Lawyer has a must- read post on the impossible requirements banks are imposing on sellers, buyers and agents. Most lenders routinely require that the seller, listing agent and often the buyer and their agent sign … Continue reading

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About: Navigating the Short Sale Quagmire

Ron Ballard at the CALIFORNIA SHORT SALE LAWYER blog posted a great article about navigating the short sale quagmire.  Even though it deals with an update from the California DRE, I believe the concepts equally apply to real estate problems … Continue reading

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HAFA Short Sale Rules May Help Sellers

Here’s an article about HAFA rules for short sales at Bankrate.com. Homeowners struggling to sell their homes in a short sale are getting some relief, thanks to the federal government’s Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives, or HAFA, program. Up to now, … Continue reading

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Real Estate News Roundup

R E news roundup: Short Sales…A Breeding Ground for Fraud? http://www.dsnews.com/articles/short-salesa-breeding-ground-for-fraud-2010-04-23 Experts Predict Short Sales Could Prevent Foreclosure Wave in Nevada href=”http://www.reibulletin.com/146/experts-predict-short-sales-could-prevent-foreclosure-wave-in-nevada/” Fannie Mae Extends Seller Assistance Through HomePath to Help Move REOs http://realestate.bryanellis.com/1984/fannie-mae-extends-seller-assistance-through-homepath-to-help-move-reos/#7KmyIr2KF9VU

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Reno Real Estate Prices: Have We Hit a Bottom?

Reno real estate prices have definitely moved higher, at least for properties priced under, perhaps $200,000.  The reasons are myriad including bargain hunters, and the $8000 tax credit from the Feds. I’m not quite so sure about those properties in … Continue reading

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