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Is Your Bank PIN # Secure?

In earlier posts I discussed security and scams. Numerous times I reported on credit card skimmers and how to avoid them. I also covered phishing scams. Now here is an article discussing the PIN numbers and how we choose them. … Continue reading

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Reno “Experiment” in “Green” Energy Fails

Both Reno and the state of Nevada have jumped on the “green” energy bandwagon with enthusiasm. Our politicians trumpet all of the blessings of the new way of renewals as our way for our future. Dingy Harry Reid went out … Continue reading

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More on ATM Skimmer Scams

I posted previously about credit card skimmers that had been placed on gas pumps and also on ATM machines. The skimmers are used to harvest the credit card information and sometimes use a pinhole camera in conjunction with the skimmer. … Continue reading

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Another Green Energy Failure

Anyone that regularly reads this blog is probably aware that I am not a fan of “green” energy. For example, ethanol gets added to our gasoline by mandate and has only served to make the gas more expensive, and less … Continue reading

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More Phishing in my Inbox

The saying goes, “… Teach a man to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime”. I son’t suppose it applies quite the same to “phishing”, though. It seems that the phishers are still out in force. Here is … Continue reading

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A Phishing Email I Just Received

I’m glad these folks are looking out for me. I just got this email and thought you’d enjoy. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-jvqLkPiQ5NE/TYdBEWHOFxI/AAAAAAAAAEc/T9qjfFpzDXc/s1600/ATT-tmobile.jpg Account Verification At&t has discovered series of illegal attempts on your Account from a bad Ip Location and will shutt your … Continue reading

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I Won The Lottery!

I won! I won! I won the lottery! I don’t know which lottery, but I won anyhow.  At least that’s what this email says. Since REReno has an official policy that I cannot accept prizes such as this, so I … Continue reading

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