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What the Occupiers Really Need

Bill Whittle thinks he can teach the OWS crowd about gratitude in only 3 1/2 days. I’m not so sure.

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ATM Machine Skimmers Won’t Go Away

A gang in Texas was able to manufacture the fronts for credit card skimmers using a new process that uses an ink jet printer. The skimmer components typically include a card skimmer that fits over the card acceptance slot and … Continue reading

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Clark County Government Workers, What Recession?

It appears that there is no recession for government workers in Clark County. They’ve gotten raises; as much as 15% over the past three years. For example, county officials said members of the Service International Employees Union received average wage … Continue reading

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Green Energy’s Many Failures

In case you think “green” energy will also produce “green” jobs, think again. This article in American Thinker dispels that notion and further goes on to show that green energy has failed again and again. Those green jobs we have … Continue reading

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Reno home sales the highest since April

The RGJ reported that Washoe home sales increased in Auugust. Home values for existing homes in Washoe County hit their highest level since April, with the area posting its strongest August sales numbers in six years. The median sales price … Continue reading

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More Lies About Green Energy

I’ve commented earlier about “Green” energy that the politicians (Mostly the Dems) and the news media get all excited over. Here’s evidence that I’m not alone. Sherman Frederick at the LVRJ writes: Move over Siegfried & Roy. Make room for … Continue reading

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Obama Proposes Refinance Plan for Mortgages

The White House is contemplating a scheme for mass-refinancing for homeowners currently with government-backed mortgages so they can refinance at today’s lower interest rates. The Obama regime hopes that if the plan happens consumers would experience lower mortgage bills and … Continue reading

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Credit Card Skimmers Still in Business

A credit card skimmer was discovered on an ATM machine at a Sparks bank. The customers complained when they did not get their receipts. This is a reminder that the bad guys are still hanging around.  Use this knowledge to … Continue reading

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Dirt-cheap Housing markets

Here’s a list of ten cities with dirt-cheap housing markets.   All but two are in the rust belt with Ocala, FL and Cumberland, MD the exceptions.   CNN Money has other lists that you may find entertaining.

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Would a Foreclosure Really Affect My Credit Score?

Yes, Virginia.  A foreclosure would significantly affect your FICO credit score, as would missing a payment or maxing out your credit cards.This post at The Mortgage Reports shows graphically how your FICO scores can be affected. Max-Out A Credit Card … Continue reading

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