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Clark County Government Workers, What Recession?

It appears that there is no recession for government workers in Clark County. They’ve gotten raises; as much as 15% over the past three years. For example, county officials said members of the Service International Employees Union received average wage … Continue reading

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Two Courts Rule Differently on MERS

No matter which side you are on, MERS remains a controversial issue.  Many expect the problem to ultimately be decided in the courts. A New York appellate court ruled last week that a Reston-based company that electronically tracks and transfers … Continue reading

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Is Bank of America’s Survival Really at Stake?

If you have been following the mortgage and foreclosure fiasco you are probably aware of the huge problem we are facing.To recap: The banks loaned money to people that had no hope of paying it back. Over and above the … Continue reading

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MERS Issues Statement About Customer Rights

MERS, The Mortgage Electronic Registration System issued a statement in response to a statement of enforcement from the Attorney General of the District of Columbia. Apparently MERS hadn’t been completely responsive to the borrowers needs and the AG took action. … Continue reading

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The Washington Post Reports on MERS

The Washington Post reports on the MERS connection with the foreclosure crisis. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/10/07/AR2010100702742.html For more see The Reno Real Estate Guide.

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MERS Changes Authorization System

Apparently, anyone with a user ID and password could sign documents in the MERS system, whether they are authorized or not. MERS now wants people to undergo a certification process to be an authorized signing officer. Keep in mind that … Continue reading

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Another Foreclosure case Overturned due to Standing

In this Ohio Appeals Court case, the Court ruled that Bank of New York did not have standing when it began foreclosure proceedings. In Byrd, we held that “in a foreclosure action, a bank that was not the mortgagee when … Continue reading

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MERS loses again

The Second District Court of Appeals (of Florida) overturned a District Court decision and ruled that in this case U S Bank was not able to show proper standing to foreclose.  U S Bank produced the original note, but was … Continue reading

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MERS; What Is It and Why Do We Care?

This post somehow seems too elementary, but I need to start somewhere.  If this is exceedingly basic, please bear with me because I hope to build from here. Back in the days before computers, when a bank lent money a … Continue reading

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Another Court Ruling against MERS: They Lack Standing

U.S. District Judge Kent Dawson in Las Vegas upheld a bankruptcy court ruling making it harder for lenders to foreclose on home mortgages. This case involved MERS, (Mortgage Electronic Registration System) asking bankruptcy court to lift a stay against foreclosure … Continue reading

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