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How Secure is Your Password?

I’ve written previously about credit card skimmers and more recently about weak passwords. Now even “secure” passwords can be quickly cracked by a skilled hacker. This article explains how three hackers got 90% success rate on 16,000 passwords. It’s still … Continue reading

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Reno Community e-Waste Collection Event

Have any electronic stuff you no longer want?  It’s that time of year again: Reno’s annual Community e-Waste Collection Event for spring 2013 will be on Saturday, April 20. Round up your old electronics gizmos and bring them to the … Continue reading

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Videos No More on

It seems that has recently become either a lot less useful, or a lot more expensive. It appears that I can no longer post videos unless I pay $60 per year for the privilege. If you know an alternative … Continue reading

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Study Shows Compact Fluorescent Bulbs can Harm Human Skin Cells

That new and improved source of light that was guaranteed to save us from the perils of global warming aka climate change ain’t quite as pure and perfect as we once were told. Environmentalists have pushed to abolish traditional incandescent … Continue reading

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Another One Bites the Dust

It’s not that you haven’t heard this story before, or maybe one just like it. Amonix recently closed its 214,000 sq ft solar manufacturing plant near Las Vegas. The closure came about a year after the plant opened. So, what … Continue reading

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Reno “Experiment” in “Green” Energy Fails

Both Reno and the state of Nevada have jumped on the “green” energy bandwagon with enthusiasm. Our politicians trumpet all of the blessings of the new way of renewals as our way for our future. Dingy Harry Reid went out … Continue reading

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Nevada Approves Rules for Self-driving Vehicles

Nevada is the first state in the nation to approve self-driving vehicles. Google as well as Audi and Volkswagen have been experimenting and developing vehicles that drive themselves. “Nevada is the first state to embrace what is surely the future … Continue reading

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