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Reno Loses 300,000 Taxpayer Dollars on Parking Meters

Did you notice the story in the Sunday RGJ? I’ll link to it even though I do not have access, but you might. Apparently the city of Reno is out more than $300,000 through their investment in, get ready, parking … Continue reading

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Democrat Panel Increases Cost of Doing Business

A Nevada legislative panel approved regulations sought by Secretary of State, Ross Miller to limit business license fee exemptions for some home-based businesses. In a party-line, 4-2 vote, the Legislative Subcommittee to Review Regulations approved the measure that Secretary of … Continue reading

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RGJ Publishes Dem Campaign Document

The RGJ published this breathless AP article proclaiming how great the new GM is and how much profit it made this past year. The profit was $7.6 billion, a new record for GM. But there seems to be another concern. … Continue reading

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Clark County Government Workers, What Recession?

It appears that there is no recession for government workers in Clark County. They’ve gotten raises; as much as 15% over the past three years. For example, county officials said members of the Service International Employees Union received average wage … Continue reading

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The Cell Phone Police are on Patrol

Hooray! The police are now busy protecting us from the perils of those dastardly cell phones. Today we watched as an officer followed a women into the local Starbucks. She may have been engrossed in her conversation because she failed … Continue reading

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How Big is the U.S. Debt

Now that our most benevolent politicians operated in fear and voted to burden us with another $10 Trillion of debt just so they could get re-elected next year, would you care to see what that might mean? This is a … Continue reading

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North Dakota Approves Ballot Measure to Abolish Property Taxes

I realize that this has about as much chance as the proverbial snowball in Hell, but I liked the idea and I especially liked the headline. Government at all levels has always treated the tax PAYER as its own private … Continue reading

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