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Do Truth Tellers Need to Run and Hide?

One definition for “political correctness” is cowardice while facing the truth. This story seems to fit that description. Apparently the website was reporting the truth about the various neighborhoods of Detroit. But, that could not be permitted to stand. Real … Continue reading

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The RGJ Still Pushes Global Warming

The RGJ is sure trying hard to keep the global warming hoax alive. Their evidence is slim at best and this article even admits that. But, why waste the opportunity? Linking this dry winter and the fires it helped spawn … Continue reading

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More Lies About Green Energy

I’ve commented earlier about “Green” energy that the politicians (Mostly the Dems) and the news media get all excited over. Here’s evidence that I’m not alone. Sherman Frederick at the LVRJ writes: Move over Siegfried & Roy. Make room for … Continue reading

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Zillow Buys Postlets

Here’s an interesting story. Zillow bought Postlets. Postlets is that web site that allows you to create a flyer and syndicates the information across the web. The story is that Zillow didn’t really want to make this purchase.  It was … Continue reading

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Google Maps Quitting Real Estate

Google will be getting out of the real estate business on Google Maps.  Real estate people will still be able to use the mapping tools.

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Only 36,000 New Jobs, but Unemployment Drops to 9.0%

Which part of this story would you prefer to believe?  The unemployment rate dropped sharply last month to 9 percent, based on a government survey that found that more than a half-million people found work. A separate Labor Department survey … Continue reading

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More Foreclosures in Jobless California

Even CBS is able to understand that without jobs we can expect more foreclosures. The Nevada legislature apparently has never worked for CBS.  Read more on foreclosures.

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What if You Buy a Foreclosed Home?

The RGJ published this AP article about the perils of buying foreclosed homes. It is another perfect example of what the AP does best, spreading fear and alarm.  It contains little substance. But now thousands of foreclosures around the country … Continue reading

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Bank Owned Homes Increases Sharply. Foreclosures Down.

The RGJ reports that the number of bank owned home jumped sharply in September.  In the same article they report that the number of foreclosures has dropped. I’m curious about how that could be, although it appears that the numbers … Continue reading

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The Washington Post Reports on MERS

The Washington Post reports on the MERS connection with the foreclosure crisis. For more see The Reno Real Estate Guide.

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