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Foreclosure Specialist Indicted over Kickbacks

This AP story was less than clear to me. As I read it, Granillo was a Fannie Mae employee who sought to augment his income through illegal kickbacks. So, the bottom line is that corruption is alive and well throughout … Continue reading

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Reno “Experiment” in “Green” Energy Fails

Both Reno and the state of Nevada have jumped on the “green” energy bandwagon with enthusiasm. Our politicians trumpet all of the blessings of the new way of renewals as our way for our future. Dingy Harry Reid went out … Continue reading

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Nevada Succumbs to Political Correctness Disease

Nevada Department of Transportation in feeling flush and has decided to spent $88,000 to protect our sensitivities. They think Our highway historical markers present things in an improper light and want to correct it. After all, what would people think? … Continue reading

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RGJ Publishes Dem Campaign Document

The RGJ published this breathless AP article proclaiming how great the new GM is and how much profit it made this past year. The profit was $7.6 billion, a new record for GM. But there seems to be another concern. … Continue reading

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Another Green Energy Failure

Anyone that regularly reads this blog is probably aware that I am not a fan of “green” energy. For example, ethanol gets added to our gasoline by mandate and has only served to make the gas more expensive, and less … Continue reading

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Want a Mortgage? Pay Your Rent

With all the economic problems we have faced as a nation, and even more specific, as Nevadans, the number of renters has increased significantly.  But, eventually even most renters would want to change their status and become homeowners. But, it … Continue reading

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Reno Ranked Number 14th Worst Housing Market in Nation

Las Vegas was rated as the nation's worst housing market by the website, Housing Predictor.  The site published rankings of the 25 best markets, the 25 worst markets among others.  The worst 25 housing markets forecast annually by Housing Predictor … Continue reading

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