Skimmer Scammers Just Won’t Go Away

I am even, myself, amazed at how long I have neglected this blog. And you are still here. And no, I’m not trying to rub it in.

Anyhow, the skimmer scammer stories just keep coming. And, I wanted to keep you abreast.

This one is from South Lake Tahoe PD. The “alleged” incident occurred at a Safeway fuel location at SLT.
As I read the police report, I cannot be sure that the actual identity theft really took place at that location.

The police report says that no skimmer was found.

Could the actual theft have taken place at some entirely different location and time? And could the thief just captured the correct information for future use?

Now, none of these questions are meant to be suspicious of the SLT PD. I have no first hand knowledge in any way. They are only to make you aware of the risks you may face when using automated financial transactions.

Stay Safe.

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