Landlords, Provide Lead Paint Pamphlets to Tenants of Face Fine

You say you hate politics. Especially during this silly season where it’s all so on your face and it’s hard to avoid. Well, surprise! I do too. But, beware! Avoidance has its cost.

By avoiding politics you chose to allow your inferiors to become your rulers and masters.

This is the effect of avoiding politics.

The EPA has been on a rampage in recent years and now it has come back to bite landlords. Yes, landlords. Quite possibly you and me. And you ask, “what’s the crime?” The answer, my friend is pamphlets. You see, we are all required by both HUD and the EPA to give a lead Paint pamphlet to all tenants prior to them occupying your property.

Ideally this applied primarily to homes built before 1978,because that was when lead paint was eliminated. But it doesn’t really matter. The laws applies to ALL rentals, even if it was built this year on the odd chance that we might have used 34 year old paint.

The EPA has decided that this issue was very serious and has imposed fines of as much as $40,000 for not providing the pamphlet. Remember, the burden of proof is on the landlord.

Even if you supplied the pamphlet, if you don’t have it documented, beware.

Read more here.

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