Reno “Experiment” in “Green” Energy Fails

Both Reno and the state of Nevada have jumped on the “green” energy bandwagon with enthusiasm. Our politicians trumpet all of the blessings of the new way of renewals as our way for our future. Dingy Harry Reid went out of his way to proclaim coal as the enemy. The news media also goes gaga over anything about renewals.

The City of Reno spent about a million dollars purchasing and installing windmills. The windmills each came with glowing promises about how much energy they could produce and how much money they would save the city. And, of course, it’s all about saving the planet as you recall.

Now, some results are in. The $1 million investment has resulted in a grand total savings of $2,785. That amounts to a return on investment of about .2% annually. Yes, that’s point two percent. Less than 3 parts per thousand and in nearly two years. I’ll bet our city fathers would just like to brag about their investing acumen with results like that. They might say, “it’s ok. It was Federal money, not ours.” And who provides Federal money, if not us taxpayers.

Only one of the windmills met expectations. But they generated a lot of excuses. The excuse for the windmill on top of City Hall was that it should be mounted higher. The city is considering relocating it. Maybe the hot air from the City Council counteracted the expected wind. Another is down for repairs taking about seven months.

The million dollar windmills did give the city a chance to experiment.

While Reno’s windmill demonstration has generated less power and resulted in a mixed bag of results, Geddes said they were intended to give the city a chance to experiment with different designs and areas in the Truckee Meadows to see which are the best fit for wind-energy production.

Aren’t you glad? The City of Reno going into the research business. I’d rather see them tending to the business of actually running the city.

Read more:–claims?source=nletter-news


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