More on ATM Skimmer Scams

I posted previously about credit card skimmers that had been placed on gas pumps and also on ATM machines.

The skimmers are used to harvest the credit card information and sometimes use a pinhole camera in conjunction with the skimmer. After the camera catches the customer’s PIN number the crook makes an unauthorized withdrawal.

This article in the latest issue of PCWorld magazine addresses the increasing threat. It gives some hints about what to look for and some tips to protect yourself.

Even if you don’t think an ATM or credit card terminal has a skimmer attached to it, you should take some basic security precautions. Pinhole cameras can be almost impossible to detect, but they’re also fairly easy to thwart. The next time you’re entering your PIN just use your free hand to block the view of you entering your PIN. That way, a camera mounted above the PIN pad can’t tell what you’re entering, which will help prevent criminals from being able to access your bank account.

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1 Response to More on ATM Skimmer Scams

  1. atm says:

    Couldn’t agree more, make sure that you cover your hand when typing in your PI is the best way to make sure you are not scammed. Also, making sure you are fully aware of what is going on in your bank account helps. I have linked my cellphone with my account so I get notifications anytime someone deposits money or money is withdrawn from my account.

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