Ticket for Using Cellphone While Driving With NO Phone

In its ongoing zeal to protect us from ourselves the Nevada Legislature enacted a ban on using hand-held cell phones while driving. I’m sure you have observed how effective the law is. In my opinion it’s little more than more governmental intrusion into our lives.

It is also another opportunity for abuse of power. Take this story from our neighbors in the Great White North.

A man in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada says he was pulled over while driving with his wife last Friday. The police officers gave him a $199.80 ticket for violating the rules about driving while cellphone-chatting, but the man says neither he nor his wife were carrying — or even own — a mobile phone.

Adding insult to injury, when they went to the local police station to complaint about the allegedly bogus ticket, the man says another officer laughed and suggested that the ticket had been written to fill a quota.

The consequences of this are a very expensive fine or to fight the ticket in court. And to go to court takes many hours out of your life, lost work, plus the expense of getting phone records from the phone company.

I’m not suggesting that Reno’s finest would use the law to harass or to generate revenue, but it appears that very thing is happening in Canada.

Read more: http://consumerist.com/2012/03/man-without-cellphone-ticketed-for-talking-on-cellphone-while-driving.html

And: http://ca.news.yahoo.com/cellphone-ticket-baffles-senior-no-phone-014533514.html

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