Foreclosed Homeowner Fined for Uncut Grass after Two Years

When government gets desperate it has no concern for who or what harm it may cause along the way.  Now, I'm not suggesting that the Reno government has sunk to this level – yet. But remember, Reno's is still a government and always interested in its own interest.

Besides, the growing season here in Reno is so short the grass may not grow enough for the city to learn that it has not been cut.  And the standard color of foreclosed lawns is dead grass brown.

But, a Fort Worth man, whose home was foreclosed two years ago was fined for not cutting his grass and for having an alarm without a permit.  This is even when he hasn't lived there in the past two years.  The City of Arlington doesn't care that he no longer owns the property.  They just want money. 

Evidently, the foreclosing bank never transferred the title so the former owner is still on the hook, as far as the city cares.

Read for more on foreclosure.

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