Nevada Succumbs to Political Correctness Disease

Nevada Department of Transportation in feeling flush and has decided to spent $88,000 to protect our sensitivities. They think Our highway historical markers present things in an improper light and want to correct it. After all, what would people think?

The text on many of the blue and gray, Nevada-shaped roadside markers that note historically significant events and locations will be updated in the coming months and years to fix errors and terminology that could be read as insensitive or even racist, Nevada State Historic Preservation Officer Ron James said.

Phrases like “Chinese hoards stormed” Tuscarora and “Before the coming of the white man, roving Washoe and Paiute bands inhabited the Truckee Meadows” were a couple of examples, James said. Date inaccuracies, physical wear, spelling and grammatical errors will also be corrected

Nevada is rapidly succumbing to the disease of political correctness.

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