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Sen Raggio Dead at 85

Former Nevada State Senator Bill Raggio died yesterday while vacationing in Australia. He was 85. R.I.P. Sen Raggio.

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Nevada Succumbs to Political Correctness Disease

Nevada Department of Transportation in feeling flush and has decided to spent $88,000 to protect our sensitivities. They think Our highway historical markers present things in an improper light and want to correct it. After all, what would people think? … Continue reading

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Nevada Approves Rules for Self-driving Vehicles

Nevada is the first state in the nation to approve self-driving vehicles. Google as well as Audi and Volkswagen have been experimenting and developing vehicles that drive themselves. “Nevada is the first state to embrace what is surely the future … Continue reading

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RGJ Publishes Dem Campaign Document

The RGJ published this breathless AP article proclaiming how great the new GM is and how much profit it made this past year. The profit was $7.6 billion, a new record for GM. But there seems to be another concern. … Continue reading

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The RGJ Still Pushes Global Warming

The RGJ is sure trying hard to keep the global warming hoax alive. Their evidence is slim at best and this article even admits that. But, why waste the opportunity? Linking this dry winter and the fires it helped spawn … Continue reading

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