Another Green Energy Failure

Anyone that regularly reads this blog is probably aware that I am not a fan of “green” energy. For example, ethanol gets added to our gasoline by mandate and has only served to make the gas more expensive, and less reliable. Vehicles in winter storage can likely expect to find the carburetor gummed up from the bad gas. It has also served to raise our food prices because the corn has been diverted to motor fuel.

We are also aware of the massive amount of corruption by companies such as Solyndra where a half a billion dollars was “lent” to a bundler for Obama.

Spain invested heavily in solar and nearly bankrupted itself before they realized it wasn’t working. Now, we have this story from Germany where they invested $100 billion in solar and it produces almost nothing.

But you say Nevada is different. We have geothermal and we have solar and we have Harry Reid, who hates coal. I believe no alternative energy source is commercially viable at this time. None of them can be profitable without a government subsidy. And by government subsidy, I mean by us, the taxpayers. A subsidy is where a politician chooses to spend more wisely than you or I could ourselves. Nevada does have sunshine. But it is not enough to overcome the folly of our “rulers.”

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