ATM Machine Skimmers Won’t Go Away

A gang in Texas was able to manufacture the fronts for credit card skimmers using a new process that uses an ink jet printer.

The skimmer components typically include a card skimmer that fits over the card acceptance slot and steals the data stored on the card’s magnetic stripe, and a pinhole camera built into a false panel that thieves can fit above or beside the PIN pad. If these components don’t match just-so, they’re more likely to be discovered and removed by customers or bank personnel, leaving the thieves without their stolen card data.

The ink jet process can build components that look very realistic and would be very difficult to detect.

I’ve reported on credit card skimmers before, here, here and here, but my posts linked to the RGJ and their stories seem to go into their archives after about 30 days. You can still view the information if you cough up some of the filthy green that the news media seems to want to hate. I will still link to my own posts, but they may become a bit empty without supporting links.

Read the story here:


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