HUD Evicts 101 Year Old Woman & Reconsiders

HUD evicted a Detroit woman but then realized it was a “mistake.” The mistake was that the woman was 101 years old and the news caused a large enough uproar that HUD was embarrassed and reconsidered the eviction.

“We were absolutely thunderstruck when we understood that a 101-year-old woman was put out of her home,” Brian Sullivan, HUD spokesman, said.

Sullivan said HUD officials have informed Hollis’ niece and granddaughter that Hollis can move back into the Carbondale street home she has lived in for 50 years — as soon as she is released from Henry Ford Hospital, where she has been since the eviction.

Part of HUD’s embarrassment was that the woman was in the hospital because HUD threw out the woman’s diabetes medicine during the eviction.

Sullivan said HUD officials mistakenly thought Hollis’ home was a tax foreclosure before they reviewed the case.

Read more on the HUD eviction.

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