The Cell Phone Police are on Patrol

Hooray! The police are now busy protecting us from the perils of those dastardly cell phones.

Today we watched as an officer followed a women into the local Starbucks. She may have been engrossed in her conversation because she failed to notice the flashing lights at least all the way across the parking lot. She may also been so in need of her Double-Grande -Decaf-Lite-Mocha-Latte that she couldn’t stop. Whatever the reason, the officer had to get out of his own car and walk up to the drive-up window in order chastise her.

This is the result of the new law that took effect as of October, 1 thanks to the wisdom of our nanny state legislators. Look for it to become a new form of revenue collection.

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1 Response to The Cell Phone Police are on Patrol

  1. J.P. Travis says:

    Thanks for the link, and isn’t it grand to see officers of the law chasing women into Starbucks. Call me crazy, but if the woman can talk on her cellphone while parking and walking into a coffee shop, she probably has enough coordination to talk on the phone while she drives.

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