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What the Occupiers Really Need

Bill Whittle thinks he can teach the OWS crowd about gratitude in only 3 1/2 days. I’m not so sure.

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ATM Machine Skimmers Won’t Go Away

A gang in Texas was able to manufacture the fronts for credit card skimmers using a new process that uses an ink jet printer. The skimmer components typically include a card skimmer that fits over the card acceptance slot and … Continue reading

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Clark County Government Workers, What Recession?

It appears that there is no recession for government workers in Clark County. They’ve gotten raises; as much as 15% over the past three years. For example, county officials said members of the Service International Employees Union received average wage … Continue reading

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Great Basin Brewery Wins Bronze Medal

Reno’s and Sparks’ own Great Basin Brewery won a bronze medal at the Great American Beer Festival. The festival judging covered 83 different categories of beer. The third place awarded to Great Basin was for its Outlaw Oatmeal Stout. Congratulations … Continue reading

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Green Energy’s Many Failures

In case you think “green” energy will also produce “green” jobs, think again. This article in American Thinker dispels that notion and further goes on to show that green energy has failed again and again. Those green jobs we have … Continue reading

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HUD Evicts 101 Year Old Woman & Reconsiders

HUD evicted a Detroit woman but then realized it was a “mistake.” The mistake was that the woman was 101 years old and the news caused a large enough uproar that HUD was embarrassed and reconsidered the eviction. “We were … Continue reading

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The Cell Phone Police are on Patrol

Hooray! The police are now busy protecting us from the perils of those dastardly cell phones. Today we watched as an officer followed a women into the local Starbucks. She may have been engrossed in her conversation because she failed … Continue reading

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