Remembrance of the 9/11 Victims

While returning home last evening from visiting my sister in Oregon we passed through the town of Lakeview, OR. We noticed a group of people working on a display project to remember the attacks on our nation ten years earlier. We stopped and visited with them and commended them for their spirit.

It was fairly late in the day so the photo doesn’t quite do the scene justice, but I’ll try to explain what we saw. As you can see, they had reproduced the twin towers. The flag displayed from the top of the towers honors the heroes of flight 93. The chains surrounding the boundary of the display was composed of paper links glued together, much like we may have made back in grade school to hand on the Christmas tree. Each link bore the name of someone that had perished in the attack. Every one of the victims was included.

They told us of the ceremonies planned for the next day, including having the town fire truck displaying a huge American flag. We were invited to stay for the event, but we needed to get back home.

Lakeview has a population of about 2500 and to me, represents the soul of America. I suspect that similar events are planned all across the country.

What we tells me that there is still hope for our nation. It lives in the small towns. They still care and are not the takers of the big cities.


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