More Lies About Green Energy

I’ve commented earlier about “Green” energy that the politicians (Mostly the Dems) and the news media get all excited over. Here’s evidence that I’m not alone.

Sherman Frederick at the LVRJ writes:

Move over Siegfried & Roy. Make room for Sen. Harry Reid’s Psychedelic Green Magic Machine.

Step right up, check your common sense at the door and watch dog-faced politicians tell lies and make piles of taxpayer money disappear.

The Psychedelic Green Magic Machine, also known as National Clean Energy Summit 4.0, played Las Vegas last week. It was a festival of unchallenged mushy liberal thought.


Green energy isn’t going to do it. There is simply not enough money in the federal treasury to fund enough solar, wind and geothermal projects to put a significant dent in America’s foreign oil use this year, 10 years from now or 25 years from now.

And even if the economics were there, it would produce so little power at such an extraordinarily high cost, only the Amish could make the conversion without a significant lifestyle change.

Read the rest:


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