Old Mexicans Resent New Mexicans

Did you ever notice that when we might say something that doesn’t agree with the lefty agenda they call us “racists” “sexists”, “homophobes”, etc?

So, here’s a story where the “old Mexicans” resent the “new Mexicans” just based on when they snuck across our border.

Nearly all of Greenfield’s 16,300 people are Latino — and yet an ugly conflict has been brewing between longer-time residents and newcomers from another part of Mexico. Established residents say a massive influx of migrants from the Mexican state of Oaxaca has changed their city for the worse.

Among Beautify Greenfield’s charges: The new migrants ruined the town financially, “destroyed” its school system, caused violent crimes and were part of gangs, which are pervasive in the Salinas Valley. The migrants, “invaders from the south,” should be deported.

The community groups were, in turn, labeled racist by the press and migrant leaders.

An unfair label, Ortiz said, considering members of Beautify Greenfield are mostly Mexican-American. The group was not against the Oaxacans per say, but just wanted to get rid of blight and crime, she said.

And she blamed Greenfield’s Anglo police chief for favoring the migrants and allowing the city to deteriorate.

This will totally disrupt their whole PC argument. And Can you believe that the RGJ
actually published this story?

Read the rest: http://www.rgj.com/article/20110813/NEWS13/110813009/California-town-has-clash-between-Latinos-indigenous-Mexicans-who-migrated-recently?odyssey=tab|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

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