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Reno City Council Decides to Regulate Motorcycle Handlebars

You can rest easy now. Everything is under control. The Reno City Council having addressed all the rest of the city’s problems has now taken on the task of deciding the proper height for motorcycle handlebars. Never mind that the … Continue reading

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A Phishing Email I Just Received

I’m glad these folks are looking out for me. I just got this email and thought you’d enjoy. Account Verification At&t has discovered series of illegal attempts on your Account from a bad Ip Location and will shutt your … Continue reading

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Reno Couple Taken in by Scam

As P.T. Barnum reputedly said, "there's a sucker born every minute".  Another part of the human story says that when something is too good to be true, it usually is not true. KOLO tells the story of a woman that … Continue reading

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The Myth About Wind Energy

We routinely see stories about the wonders of “green” energy and about how the green industries are the answer to jobs and to reviving Nevada’s painfully horrible economy. However, without massive government subsidies none of the alternative energy sources are … Continue reading

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Hot August Nights: Observations

I participated in crowd and traffic control for two nights at HAN this year. because I was assigned to a particular duty I was not able to wander around during those times. I did wander a bit otherwise. My observation … Continue reading

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Old Mexicans Resent New Mexicans

Did you ever notice that when we might say something that doesn’t agree with the lefty agenda they call us “racists” “sexists”, “homophobes”, etc? So, here’s a story where the “old Mexicans” resent the “new Mexicans” just based on when … Continue reading

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Government Gone Wild

Notice the effect of government in everything we do.

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