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Would a Foreclosure Really Affect My Credit Score?

Yes, Virginia.  A foreclosure would significantly affect your FICO credit score, as would missing a payment or maxing out your credit cards.This post at The Mortgage Reports shows graphically how your FICO scores can be affected. Max-Out A Credit Card … Continue reading

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The Real Estate Investor

Any investors out there? Real Estate Investor – Any of several unemployed individuals who spend the majority of their day painting and cleaning properties, staring at their computer monitors looking for deals, or talking on the phone to countless agents, … Continue reading

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Have Reno Housing Prices Hit Bottom?

Have our home prices here in Reno hit bottom?  Is it time to rush out and buy? We’ve been hammered so hard that it’s gotta turn around soon.   A lot of “experts” are saying yes, don’t hesitate a second.  … Continue reading

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The Best and Worst States for Business

Do you ever wonder which of the fifty (or fifty seven) states has the best environment for business? The web site, Chief has the rankings, base on a survey of more than 500 corporate CEO’s. As we can probably … Continue reading

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Yes, We’re in a Bubble, Higher Education, That Is

Yes, We’re in a bubble.  But it’s not what you think. According to Peter Thiel.Thiel correctly called the end of the tech bubble and likewise recognized that we were in a housing bubble and then wisely stood aside. And after … Continue reading

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North Dakota Approves Ballot Measure to Abolish Property Taxes

I realize that this has about as much chance as the proverbial snowball in Hell, but I liked the idea and I especially liked the headline. Government at all levels has always treated the tax PAYER as its own private … Continue reading

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