Would You Like Some Cheese With That Whine, Mr. Mayor

When politicians outspend their income, and they nearly always out spend their income, they like to hold hearings to seek input from the public to learn the proper way to reduce their spending.

The public input nearly always is a parade of people crying and whining about why their pet cause is too important to reduce in any way.  They are quick to point out a myriad of other less deserving programs that they would gladly send to the guillotine.  Anything except that thing they are crying about is fair game.  For instance, if they are in favor of education, it might be ok to cut some useless program, such as the prison system.  Etc, etc., etc.

The latest to join this chorus of whiners is none other than our wondrous Mayors, Geno Martini and Bob Cashell, well known supporters of Nevada’s favorite corruptocrat, Harry Reid.  Now, even though the federal government has happily already spent our grand children’s  and even great-grand children’s inheritance, Cashell and Martini were whining about not being able to give away more of our taxpayer money, but neglected to notice that the federal government is already bankrupt, broke, flat busted. Remember, “their” program is far more important than anyone else’s.

Perhaps this was unintended irony.  Their editorial was printed next to a cartoon which showed Harry Reid wanting to make prostitution illegal.  Maybe he was referring to our Mayors.

Cashell and Martini should note two things: the federal government no longer has any money to give away, and it’s not their money that they were so gleefully dispensing.

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