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Nearly Fifty Years Since New Home Sales This Low

Its been nearly fifty years since the sales of new homes has been this low.  And the US population has increase more than 100 million since that time. According to the Commerce Department the sales of new homes amount to … Continue reading

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Federal Court Jury Awards $20 million From Caldwell Banker Mortgage

A federal court jury awarded David Brash, a soldier at Fort Benning, GA more than $20 million on Monday in a case against Coldwell Banker Mortgage Jurors in the case of David Brash v. PHH Mortgage Corp., doing business as … Continue reading

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How Will the Japanese Earth Quake Affect Reno Home Prices?

What do you think the impact of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami would be for us here in Reno and the rest of the good old USA? I have heard reports that building materials had recently taken a large jump … Continue reading

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Nature is so Much Larger Than Us

This is a video of a Japanese ship taking the tsunami wave head-on.  It has a similar sensation from when I was out in big surf. Enjoy.

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More Identity Theft Scamming

I had previously reported on thieves stealing identity information using skimmers attached to gasolline pumps. A new wrinkle has surfaced where the scammer glues the “enter”, “cancel” and “clear” buttons on ATM machines.  The user then goes inside the bank … Continue reading

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B of A to Separate Loans Into Good and Bad Portfolios

Bank of America will separate about half of its loan portfolio into a “good bank”and a “bad bank.’   The bad bank will contain the worst performing loans, such as more than 60 days delinquent, and sub prime loans, and will … Continue reading

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Would You Like Some Cheese With That Whine, Mr. Mayor

When politicians outspend their income, and they nearly always out spend their income, they like to hold hearings to seek input from the public to learn the proper way to reduce their spending. The public input nearly always is a … Continue reading

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