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Yahoo! and Zillow Unite: Form Largest Online Real Estate Network

Yahoo! and Zillow unite forming the largest online real estate network. I recently posted that Google was getting out of the business.

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Map of Foreclosures Nationwide

Would you like to see what’s happening in foreclosures in your area? NPR has an interactive map showing foreclosures on a county by county basis. Click on the image to view the interactive map.

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Strategic Default: One of Four Nevada Foreclosures

Nearly one out of four foreclosures in Nevada involve home owners just walking away from their homes.  This is when the home owner makes a financial decision to walk away and is also known as strategic default.There are numerous government … Continue reading

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Google Maps Quitting Real Estate

Google will be getting out of the real estate business on Google Maps.  Real estate people will still be able to use the mapping tools.

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Facing Foreclosure? Don’t Do Nothing

A fairly common action for some folks who are facing foreclosure is to just do nothing.  Doing nothing is not a good plan.  In addition to any losses due to the foreclosure the banks now are beginning to get very … Continue reading

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Worst Cities for Foreclosure

Forbes  Magazine lists the "Worst Cities for Foreclosures."  With 25 cities listed, Reno is listed at number 11 with 1 out of 16 home owners facing foreclosure. For more on foreclosures.

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Only 36,000 New Jobs, but Unemployment Drops to 9.0%

Which part of this story would you prefer to believe?  The unemployment rate dropped sharply last month to 9 percent, based on a government survey that found that more than a half-million people found work. A separate Labor Department survey … Continue reading

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