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California Taxes More; Gets Less

If you have ever wondered how government policies and actions affect our world, look no further than this story. The Mexican government has long buried its head in the sand about corruption and now is at risk of completely losing … Continue reading

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Is Now a Good Time to Buy

I notice questions about whether now is the time to jump into the market, and is this the time to buy. Diana Olick of CNBC also asks the same question.  Although her answer leaves a lot of wiggle room, she … Continue reading

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Washoe Foreclosure activity Down Slightly During 2010

Foreclosure filings reported down slightly for 2010.  Slightly means about 40 filings change out of 11,000.  The report also shows that the Notices of Default were down and it was suggested that this showed a good trend. I reserve my … Continue reading

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Home Prices Fall: More Drops Expected

Home prices in the U.S. fell 5.1 percent in November compared to a year earlier and are expected to go lower as the housing market struggles to seek its bottom.44 states showed declines compared to June with 18 states declining.  … Continue reading

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10 Real Estate Tips for 2011 has compiled a  list of 10 real estate tips for success in 2011.1.   Redefine “market value” 2.   Hire personal peeps 3.   Extend the selling season 4.   Check the seller’s addition 5.   Gather micro data 6.   Smoke out pervs 7.   … Continue reading

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Foreclosure Courts Are Helping Banks Screw Homeowners

Who would ever expect to find any news relevant to real estate in The Rolling Stone?Well be prepared to be amazed.  I was.  This article by Matt Taibbi tells a story about a massive amount of fraud in the entire … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year and Good morning. It’s a glorious morning, even though it’s overcast and snowing lightly.  

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