Google Corporate Tax Rates Better Than Yours

What’s your federal tax rate?  What are you doing to keep it lower?

We hear a lot of talk about corporate tax rates, and that the corporations get away with murder.  Well, some seem to manage better than others.

Google has managed a tax rate of 2.4% from its international operations.  Google accomplished this without breaking any U.S. laws by shifting its income first through a shell company in the Netherlands, and then to Bermuda, which has no corporate income taxes.  By this maneuver Google has saved $3.1 billion in taxes since 2007.

General Electric has accomplished a tax rate of 3.6%.  Some of this is by using some of the same techniques Google uses, that of shifting a lot of income overseas.  But another factor here is that GE is in bed with the President.

Did you ever notice that the very same liberals that think our taxes should be raised managed to avoid taxes themselves.

By the way, the tax rate for hated Wal-Mart is 33.6%.

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