California Taxes More; Gets Less

If you have ever wondered how government policies and actions affect our world, look no further than this story.
The Mexican government has long buried its head in the sand about corruption and now is at risk of completely losing control to the drug cartels.  The murder rate is large enough that tourists are no longer eager to risk visiting Mexico
California, having been run for years by Democrats and labor unions has spent itself into a hole that it may never recover from. California’s solution is raising taxes on anyone or anything that may still be productive.  The result is the producers are leaving the state for friendlier locations.  California, in its need to tax and spend foolishly has driven the cruise ships away and consequently has lost a huge chunk of tax revenue it so desperately needs.
The Nevada government often looks to California as a model to emulate.  Nevada is also in terrible shape fiscally and you can expect the legislature to be very creative in ways to squeeze its citizens.
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