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More Foreclosures in Jobless California

Even CBS is able to understand that without jobs we can expect more foreclosures. The Nevada legislature apparently has never worked for CBS.  Read more on foreclosures.

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A Grim Housing Market

The Washington D.C region happens to be one of the few bright spots where prices are rising, according to recently released reports.  The rest of the country are still dropping. Nationally, housing prices remain under pressure from the bloated supply … Continue reading

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HAMP is Failing:TARP Inspector General

TARP Inspector General says that HAMP is failing. HAMP, Barofsky says in the report, “continues to fall dramatically short of any meaningful standard of success.” According to Barofsky, the program was doomed from the beginning, because it was inefficiently designed … Continue reading

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Google Corporate Tax Rates Better Than Yours

What’s your federal tax rate?  What are you doing to keep it lower? We hear a lot of talk about corporate tax rates, and that the corporations get away with murder.  Well, some seem to manage better than others. Google … Continue reading

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Banks Sold Investors Worthless Paper

This video is almost scary.  The foreclosure crisis is far from over. The standard argument is that it’s different here in Nevada.

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FHA Anti-flipping Rule Suspension For One More Year

Flippers can relax now.  The FHA has suspended its anti-flipping rule for another year. I guess they secretly realize that flipping is beneficial to more than the flipper. Read more here.

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Is Nevada Running Out of Homebuyers?

24/7 Wall St. has examined the realestate market and concluded that “the long depression in real estate is probably not over.”  The article lists eight states that the authors think are running out of homebuyers.  Of the eight states Nevada … Continue reading

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