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Allstate Sues Countrywide Over Toxic Investments

Allstate sues Countrywide over toxic investments Allstate Corp. has filed a federal lawsuit against Countrywide Financial Corp. over $700 million in toxic mortgage-backed securities that the insurer bought beginning in 2005, only to see their value decline rapidly. Allstate alleges … Continue reading

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Case-Shiller: Home Prices Falling Faster in Large Cities

A new Case-Schiller report says that home prices will be falling faster in the larger cities and we will see more foreclosures.

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Top Ten Charts of 2010

The Foundry will be posting a series of Top Ten lists highlighting some of The Heritage Foundation’s most influential work. This series is based on Federal revenues, spending and taxes.   Attached is one of their charts. Also see The … Continue reading

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40% Metro Areas to SeePrice Appreciation. Reno not on List

Veros Finds 40 Percent of Metro Areas Nationwide Will Experience Home Price Appreciation. But – alas  – Reno is NOT one of 40%. Reno is listed at # 1 of the five weakest markets with a negative 7.2%.     … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

Here's wishing you the most Merry and Joyous Christmas.

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Nevada Attains Status of Tenth Worst State to Retire

Did you know that Nevada is the 10th worst state in which to retire?  Well, I didn’t either. But, the website rates Nevada as the tenth worst.A significant factor in the low rating is Nevada’s dismal economy with high … Continue reading

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Reno on List of 20 Top Under Water Mortgages

Wow! This Business Insider story lists the 20 cities with the most under water homes.  Reno is on the list with 64.4% of the mortgages under water. Also see The Reno Real Estate Guide.

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The Mortgage Crisis in 1933 and Today

Have you ever wondered about the housing crisis today and how it compares with the housing problems in the Great Depression?  This Marketwatch article makes the comparison. A "crisis" gives politicians a chance to solve problems, usually problems created by … Continue reading

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Harry Reid Paying Back Unions

Harry Reid is busy trying to repay his thug union supporters using our money.  Aren’t you glad we defeated Sharron Angle?  She was so “extreme and dangerous”, you know. Read more here:

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