The RGJ Opposes the best Interest of Nevada

Ever since the Republican primary election , and possibly before, the RGJ has opposed Sharron Angle as the Republican candidate for Senate. And now they pretend that they care about the northern Nevada loss of political power to Las Vegas.

The RGJ chose Reid, and by doing so, they chose corruption, illegal aliens, bribery, and back room deals over the interests of America.  Harry Reid represents each of these things and Sharron Angle represents none of them.  Clearly, that means that Angle was the radical.  Wow.  What twisted thinking.

Now, I want to get back to my primary interest, real estate, but politics still wants to get in the way.

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3 Responses to The RGJ Opposes the best Interest of Nevada

  1. Chandler In Las Vegas says:

    The loss of Northern Nevada power will become more apparent when the state pushes programs to the counties. Well, you know that when the budget director uses that phrase what he really means is Clark and Washoe counties. The effort to shrink state government and reign in state spending will double the importance of the bigger counties. Counter this with the Northern Nevada cozy attitude with big business and ya gotta ask how is that mining tax thing working for all a ya?

    Oil companies take billions of dollars out of Alaskan ground and Alaskans get distributed rebates. Gold and mineral companies take billions out of Nevada ground and Nevadans get…?

    • rereno says:

      Chandler, thanks for the comment.

      I sense that you view big business as doing us harm. If so, I respectfully disagree. Big business employs a large number of Nevadans and also pays a significant amount of taxes. Alaska had sufficient revenue to return some of it to the residents. Nevada in turn spends much more than its revenue and cannot dispense money to its residents.

      • realclear says:

        I like your blog, but wish you’d stick to real estate.

        In 2008 (the latest year data was available) mining companies made $6 billion (with a “B”) in revenues by mining public lands in Nevada. At that time, gold hovered at about $800/oz. They paid $90 million in taxes.

        Meanwhile, the state has a billion dollar deficit.

        Do you think the miners would stop operating if the state taxed them at a reasonable rate? Even if their taxes were tripled, I just don’t think they’d cease benefiting from such a great deal. Take precious minerals from public lands and pay a pittance in royalties.

        I don’t know your background, but to champion the cause of big business after all that has happened in this country for the last 10 years is mindboggling. Enron practically shut down California’s power grid — to make money. The banks have crippled our economy, and may have destroyed it if not for unprecedented bailouts. And then there’s the Gulf of Mexico.

        Our country is becoming a corporate oligarchy. Those rich bitches don’t need you to champion their cause. They’re doing fine on their own.

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