Nevada and the Election

Now that the election is over we can momentarily return to an almost normal life and again pursue the real estate scene here in northern Nevada.  My attention had been focused on the campaign to defeat dingy Harry Reid.  Alas, the good guys lost this one.  Reid’s campaign managed to create the illusion that Angle was deranged, and dangerous.  He also had massive support from the gaming industry and the unions.  I tend to suspect that the gaming industry didn’t want him as much as they feared the consequences of not supporting him.  Reid can be vindictive if he doesn’t get his way.  Like Obama, he is good at punishing his enemies and the enemies include those who don’t actively join his team.

By electing Reid, Nevadans voted for six more years of corruption and middle of the night back room deals, bribery of other senators using tax payer money, more illegal immigration, more power to SEIU and other unions, and dribs and drabs of pork coming back to Nevada.  The pork is nothing more than money to further buy votes to support Harry Reid.

A good thing about this campaign was that the Republicans for Reid finally revealed who they are.  They were all willing to align themselves against the best interest of the US.  The Mayors of Reno and Sparks both endorsed Reid, I firmly believe, because of money.  Reid has used his power to benefit both of them.  The Las Vegas casinos had their employees get out and vote for Reid.  This was blatantly illegal.

In other news, the voters of California chose to see if they could become comparable to Greece economically.  San Francisco even decided to ban Happy Meals.

Winners and losers.  The winners were the conservatives and the American people.  Beyond what you have seen with the congressional elections the Republicans won about 680 new seats in state legislatures across the country.  But, the Republicans only think they won.  The ruling class Republicans still resist and oppose the TEA Parties and what they represent.

The losers include the Republicans for Reid.  They exposed themselves for what they really were, RINOs. Senator Bill Raggio is already out as the minority leader.  Jon Ralston has shown himself for the biased hack that he is.  The gaming industry won a short term victory, but could not hide their corrupt ties.  It may come back to haunt them.

Now, back to the real estate scene.


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