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Texas AG Demands Banks Stop Home Foreclosures

Banks have already suspended foreclosures in 23 states because of fraudulent paper work and documentation known as robo-signing.  Employees were signing documents that they had never read and often without the notary actually witnessing the signatures.  The Texas Attorney General recently … Continue reading

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About: Navigating the Short Sale Quagmire

Ron Ballard at the CALIFORNIA SHORT SALE LAWYER blog posted a great article about navigating the short sale quagmire.  Even though it deals with an update from the California DRE, I believe the concepts equally apply to real estate problems … Continue reading

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Beware! Reno Landlords: The City is Looking For You.

When governments fail to meet their duties and obligations they frequently resort to the shifting of the blame and shifting of the responsibilities.  The Reno City Council, has recognized its’ failure and wants the property owners to cover for the … Continue reading

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Foreclosures Get Even Messier

The Reno Real Estate Guide has been following the forclosure drama with GMAC and JP Morgan Chase. The news has been causing panic throughout the entire mortgage/foreclosure industry. We now find a new twist.  It appears that the loan servicers  … Continue reading

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