Beware! Reno Landlords: The City is Looking For You.

When governments fail to meet their duties and obligations they frequently resort to the shifting of the blame and shifting of the responsibilities.  The Reno City Council, has recognized its’ failure and wants the property owners to cover for the council.

The Reno City Council wants to make the Niel Road a safer area.  They even accepted $40,000 in federal grant money to accomplish the task.  The objective is to address the nuisance of gangs hanging around in the area.

Now, one thing was very clearly not mentioned in the article.  Read it yourself and see if I might have missed something.  Perhaps the RGJ has a list of forbidden terms.  Not one mention was made of illegal immigration.  My experience is that major players in the gang problem are illegals.  The city of Reno has demonstrated a clear policy of not only tolerating, but accepting and even welcoming illegals into the community.

When the city intentionally turns a blind eye to the real source of the problem, do they truly expect something much different?  Now they want a different result.  And they suddenly expect the land owner to solve the problem that the city’s own neglect has created.

I experienced a similar situation in San Diego a few years back.  I owned a duplex in an area that the residents were predominately hispanic.  We also had a gang problem.  Our gang bangers would visit the neighboring gang’s turf and the neighboring gang would return the favor.  Frequent gunfire would break out. And all the while, the police would pretend to see no evil until the situation got so bad that they could no longer ignore it.  Then they would patrol intensively for a week or two and revert to the old, failed techniques.  If I were to call the police, I would get an explanation about the rights of the gang bangers.  They even watched a large group crawling out of a window of a vacant apartment I owned.  Their explanation was that they didn’t know if I had given the intruders permission to break into my apartment.

Reno has the same problem, albeit on a slightly smaller scale.  In both cases it stems directly from the unwillingness of the city officials to do what’s necessary to combat the problem.

Read more here.

Perhaps they would rather wait until the situation gets to be like those in the Mexican border areas.


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