Nevada Public Sector Unions and Salaries

While many of us in the US have cut back on our spending governments and the public sector unions haven’t yet gotten the message.  This LVRJ editorial suggests that they might be soon getting a dose of reality.  And they are squealing like stuck pigs.

With Nevada at about 14% unemployment do you possibly wonder why the governments, both state and local have such a hard time reducing their budgets.

Just in case you really want to be astounded, I include a link here to public employee salaries across Nevada.  You can search the data in numerous ways, including job title, jurisdiction, year, and amount paid.  The amount paid includes only the amount of retirement benefits, i.e. not medical.

The first name on the list for Reno and Sparks can be found on the second page.  And this list goes on for 1974 pages with 100 names on each page for a total of, drum roll please, 197,400 public employees.  The list for Reno is 15 pages long with Sparks, a mere 6 pages.

Do you ever wonder why Reno really needs 11 & Sparks needs 8 Fire Battalion chiefs with average salaries of $200,000.00?  (This is not meant to attack Fire Battalion chiefs.)

The cities have the audacity to tell us they can’t close the deficit budget.  Do you think the even want to?  They can always raise our taxes.

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