the RGJ Campaigns for Reid

The RGJ seriously wants to get corruptocrat, Harry Reid Re-elected to the US Senate.  They printed a front page spread on his benefits to Nevada, mostly because of the largesse tied to his seniority in the Senate.

Although, some tend to view earmarks, (pork) as something desirable, I view it as nothing more than buying votes while using our own money.  It is nothing more than corruption.  In case you have forgotten, recall the bridge to nowhere, and Robert Byrd, where everything in West Virginia is named after him even if it is only a parking lot.

Just remember, Harry Reid bribed other Senators with the taxpayers money to buy the Cornhusker Kickback and the Louisiana Purchase so he could cram down the Obamacare bill that is currently opposed by a ratio of 60: 40, or greater.  The opposition is growing as we speak.  The citizens of Missouri just voted to reject it by 71%.

He cast votes in the United States Senate in favor of TARP, which all but guarantees an increase in the national debt and expansion of the federal government.

He also supported “Cap and Tax legislation that would further cripple this nation.

He has promoted amnesty for illegal aliens, and continues to promote this premise under the guise of “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”.  Nevada pays for this again and again through increased expenses for education, law enforcement, medical services and much more.

So, even though Harry Reid delivered some pork, the the costs of these other programs he has supported already exceeded any meager benefit we may have received in exchange for our vote.


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