Protect Your Online Privacy

Do you think your privacy is safe while online?  Better think again, unless you take steps to keep your information safe.

This Wall Street Journal article describes the myriad methods of tracking all kinds of personal information about you and you browsing habits.  They also have suggestions for specific actions for your enhanced security.  To fully understand the article read the whole thing, including the links (on the left side). especially where it says “Dig Deeper”.

A Journal investigation documents the new, cutting-edge uses of cookies and other surveillance technology online. When you visit the nation’s 50 most popular websites, we found, an average of 64 trackers are installed on your computer. A dozen of those sites install more than a hundred trackers. (Wikipedia installs none.) Many of these trackers are used to create rich databases of consumer profiles that can be sold to marketers and used to target online advertising at your particular behaviors and interests.

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