Astroturfing For Harry Reid

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that Harry Reid’s “machine” is already running astroturf operations against Sharron Angle.

The day before his 70th birthday, Norman Ilchene stood at an “emergency meeting” of senior citizens in Las Vegas and sounded the alarm about Sharron Angle’s plans for Social Security.

“She wants to put us back before the Great Depression,” Ilchene warned of Angle, the U.S. Senate GOP nominee who wants to phase out the New Deal-era program, though only for younger workers, not older folks. “I think she’s too radical for Nevada. We don’t need her.”

What Ilchene didn’t say in his remarks on Wednesday is that the Democratic Party called him to speak at the meeting, which was arranged by the Nevada Alliance for Retired Americans.

In addition to using a Democrat “plant” to scare the seniors attending the meeting, Democrat party members manipulated the sound  and A/V system to send the message:

“Sharron Angle Don’t Kill Social Security.”

This is the Reid machine and it is every where.

Welcome to the Reid machine. It’s working behind the scenes and out front to grind Angle into political mincemeat while trying to re-elect an unpopular incumbent whose best hope is to make his staunch conservative foe seem too extreme to represent Nevada, political analysts say.

The Reid machine is everywhere. It ranges from small stage-managed events with a dozen seniors spreading fear to major productions with President Barack Obama, first lady Michelle Obama and President Bill Clinton spreading hope to hundreds of core supporters.

The Reid machine is unavoidable on the World Wide Web. A constant stream of Twitter and Facebook criticism of Angle floods the Web along with YouTube videos and audio clips highlighting her most extreme-sounding statements. The Reid campaign has devoted a website to Angle — http://www.sharronsunderground­ — which eviscerates her views and mocks her for avoiding most mainstream media and going on conservative radio and TV talk shows for cozy chats instead.

Can you recall a time that he would talk to anyone except the state run media”?  Harry Reid desperately wants to paint Angle as something she isn’t and desperately wants to avoid any light shining on him.

You can support Sharron Angle here.


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