Heller Questions Nevada Jobless Numbers

In this LVRJ article, Congressman Dean Heller expresses dismay at the reported jobless numbers.

“I am deeply concerned with the most recent unemployment numbers which place Nevada with the highest unemployment rate in the nation. While our economy continues to struggle and Nevadans seek work, the U.S. House of Representatives just this week voted on measures to recognize that milk and bald eagles are good and to honor the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It is time for Nancy Pelosi and this Congress to focus on measures that will actually improve the economy.”

“Since the passage of the stimulus, Nevada’s economy has continued to decline. Despite assertions to the contrary, it does not appear that jobs are being saved or created under the current economic plan. I hope the most recent numbers serve as a wake-up call for the Speaker to finally put partisan politics aside and work towards real solutions that get Americans back to work.”

To paraphrase an older expression, while Congress fiddles, Nevada burns.

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