Higher Taxes for Real Estate Investors

Real estate investors can expect to pay more taxes to help pay for Obamacare.

Obamacare places a 3.8 percent annual tax on investment income on individuals who make 200,000 dollars or more a year, and on couples that make 250,000 dollars or more a year. How does this impact you and your clients? That income includes the money you make on property when you sell it, even if it is your primary place of residence if it exceeds capital gains thresholds. This could have a particularly detrimental effect on real estate investors, who tend to deal in large sums, but may not do a lot of deals per year.

Read more: http://realestate.bryanellis.com/1973/new-tax-on-real-estate-helps-pay-for-healthcare-will-your-real-estate-investing-be-impacted/

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