Arizona did the Right Thing

The nation has for years endured a vigorous immigration debate.  Even though there are some in our midst that disagree, we have arrived at some rules by which we are supposed to operate.  The defeat of amnesty about three years ago represents some of the rules.  The building of the border fence represents others.

The federal government has been completely absent in the matter and many of the federal “leaders” have openly violated the rules and laws that they themselves enacted.  The federal government has effectively told the citizens of this land that they don’t care a whit about what the citizens want.  They thus act with the same contempt that we have seen recently while passing the Health Care bill against the will of the American people.

The consequences of this federal inaction are huge.  Illegals commit crimes way out of proportion to the general population. Ranchers along the border in Arizona and Texas have been murdered.  Murders committed by illegal aliens have occurred in numerous other states, including Colorado and California.  Deaths resulting from drunk driving by illegal aliens have been reported in many others.  Illegal aliens have also committed a disproportionate number of sex crimes, such as rape.

So in the face of the completely irresponsible federal government, the state of Arizona enacted a law to control its own borders.   The RGJ in its’ editorial got its’ panties in a wad and cried and moaned about the assault on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Now, I must admit that I rarely read the RGJ because I get tired of seeing its’ blatant bias.  The RGJ takes great pains to avoid reporting on the immigration status of the Hispanics when they manage to shoot each other. And I don’t recall any upset when the Democrats passed their health care monstrosity in the dark of night by using bribery and coercion.

I applaud the state of Arizona for finally doing the right thing and finally addressing the problem.  Maybe some other responsible states will follow suit.


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