AP Claims $173 Billion Tax Cut

The RGJ carried this incredible propaganda piece from the state controlled AP trying to tell us that our tax bills are lower.  It claims that federal individual income taxes were cut by about $173 billion.

Congress cut individuals’ federal taxes for this year by about $173 billion shortly after Democratic President Barack Obama took office, dwarfing the $28.6 billion in increases by states.

The AP somehow didn’t think it important enough to mention the trillions and trillions that have been spent using money that we don’t have.  Perhaps some truth exists because our income had dropped significantly this year. But I suspect that it is more of the smoke and mirrors much like was eventually found in the health care bill.  They eventually admitted that much larger tax increases are coming soon.

But for a different point of view, and what I suspect is much closer to the truth, go here:



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