How Soon will Reno Real Estate Prices Turn Around?

In many cases, the current market prices for Reno/Sparks real estate is approximately half of what it was at the peak, perhaps even less.  So, what’s the outlook.  No, I don’t mean the government outlook.  I mean the ‘real’ outlook.

I refer you to this post from a Sacramento blogger who suggests that some Sacramento real estate prices might take until 2020 to ever break even.   Now, I must point out that there is a possibility that some bias might exist because the author appears to be in the industry, and consequently might  have a vested interest in a given outcome.  I have no in any way that this might be true.  it’s only a what might be. But, if this is the story for Sacramento, can Reno be that much different?

Remember, Reno prices depend to a large extent on government actions.  The Federal government controls unemployment using oppressive taxation, and that is the greatest variable and the greatest unknown.


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One Response to How Soon will Reno Real Estate Prices Turn Around?

  1. Max says:

    I think it depends on what parts of Sacramento we’re referring to, as some may begin to see a return to the same prices as early as 2015-2016, which is not my statistic but a national study that was done. The “ghetto” areas will most likely take longer as desire to live there will be less. I agree about taxation playing a big role, and if things go how they are that’s only going up!

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