More Identity Theft at ATM Machines

Police suspect an Armenian organized crime ring out of Southern California is a major player in identity theft in the Reno / Sparks area.

The thieves place credit card skimmers on ATM machines and gasoline pumps to harvest credit card numbers and PIN numbers.  They then make duplicate cards.  I posted previously on this subject simply because I thought it was interesting. Little did I know that the story would be this close to home.

Reno Police have identified at least 135 people that have had their identity stolen with many more that have not reported the theft to police.

The locations where the devices were planted has been all over the Reno area.

The reportedly are all over California where the illegal take is estimated at $20,000 per day.

Two men were arrested recently in Martinez, CA attempting to remove a device from a gas pump at a 7-11.  More arrests are expected.

Police advise paying for your gasoline with cash, or at least going inside to pay.  No devices were reported inside.


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