Nevada is # 1

Nevada is # 1.  Do you think it’s a distinction we can be proud of?  This will be a long hard grind.

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2 Responses to Nevada is # 1

  1. Kevin G says:

    This ruling has far reaching ramifications against the Lenders and FOR the homeowners. There are several companies here in Las Vegas who have jumped on this and now offer education to the public on how to fight back and potentialy get your house back ‘free and clear’ ! They are using this MERS argument combined with ‘produce the note”. One guy I met just reconveyed his 1.8M home…!!! I am still researching this issue…not sold on it 100% yet… Anybody know who’s actually gotten through the court system and can prove they have free and clear title throug this process???

  2. rereno says:

    Somehow, this comment seems to apply to an earlier post. I do however, like the comment.

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