Government Neglects Residents:RGJ Says Expect More

The RGJ Editorial, “Governments at all levels must take a serious look at what they do” discusses the lack of snow removal and that we should expect similar things in the future.

Northern Nevadans got a good look into the future in recent weeks as they drove down snow-covered streets that remained unplowed long after the latest storms passed on to the Midwest.Short on funds, local governments were forced to set priorities, just as taxpayers would want them to, for their limited number of plows and drivers to run them. Major routes were taken care of by a combination of state, county and city forces, but, if you live on a side street, consider yourself lucky if you ever saw a plow.

But the dearth of snow plows on the streets last month was only the most visible of the changes that surely will affect all of us in the coming months as governments at every level rethink their priorities for the new, lower revenue levels that will be reality for years to come.

Government must change. There’s simply no choice.

They actually noticed that we had some very good times, but only now that the bad times are upon us do they think that government might clean up it’s act.

Although Nevadans grouse constantly about high taxes, they’ve actually had it pretty good for decades, thanks to the generosity of tourists and home buyers from other states. That’s allowed governments to take on tasks they might not have if they’d had to rely on local taxpayers for funds.Those days are over, maybe permanently. And most Nevadans are not interested in paying more to make up for what the tourists no longer leave behind.

The only option is to take a serious look at exactly what it is that government does and whether it’s time to stop.

The time for government to have changed was long ago during the good years, but they had so many “hobby” projects for the apparently never-ending stream of tax revenue they couldn’t quit, or even slow down.   Had they done so, this downturn would appear as a mere blip.  And in case you wonder what I might mean by the term “hobby” project, the RGJ comes through again with Light-rail system would improve our quality of life.  Light rail systems have routinely cost far more than their supporters ever predicted and get used far less.

Now back to the snow:  I was in Chicago during the “blizzard of 79”.  They also neglected the residents.  Cars were still buried and the streets had not been cleared six weeks after the storm.  Does this remind you of anything?  The voters gave the Mayor a well deserved retirement.  Perhaps that would be the right approach here too.


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